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It is the most important thing in your work. Only your unique voice will make you stand out among the countless actors reading for any given role. Training, then, should be about expanding that voice. Stanislavski says "the person you are is a thousand times more interesting than the best actor you could hope to be." But many actors make the mistake of training in a way that reduces themselves and their work into homogeneity to try to fit in with the rest of the pack, seeking a false sense of safety. This safety leads to predictable choices, void of the very things the audience wants to see—imagination, vitality, and a sense of play. Be bold enough to let us see you. At The Last Acting Studio, we believe the purpose of training is to develop your authenticity. In order to do so, we provide an explorative approach that provides pragmatic tools for synthesizing the foundational questions of script analysis with your personal point of view and life-force, creating work that both activates and transcends the material. When you lead with authenticity in whoever you are, you make yourself indispensable, no matter your shape, size, or color. By allowing the audience to see what is vulnerably human, you resonate with what is vulnerable in them, and they are changed by you...the you that cannot be duplicated.

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The Last Acting Studio is thrilled to announce we will be hosting free monthly Agent Night at L.A.S. for our students.* These events will give students the opportunity to showcase their work and ask questions in a moderated Q&A. 

*Space is limited; all participant students will have to first be approved. 

Our next Agent Night is Thursday November 18th with Jabari Barrett  from KMR Talent

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