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The Career Circle is an ongoing online group designed to offer you the top-notch support and strategy necessary to build a career – and life – that feels successful, satisfying, and sustainable.

We’re here to help make your road less rocky.
We’re here to ensure that your weeks and months don’t just slip on by.
We’re here to keep you moving forward in the direction you want to go.

Expert guidance. Peer support. Empowered Action.

Membership in the Career Circle gives you the opportunity to join fellow LAS students and alumni on Zoom for two valuable group coaching sessions each month:


Inside and Out is a 90-minute session facilitated by veteran life coach and career strategist, Kristine Oller Click here for Kristine's full bio, focused on untying the inner knots, shifting the stories, and plugging the mental energy leaks that weigh you down. Here’s where you’ll get guidance navigating through challenges (both internal and external) while benefiting from a group of peers who are genuinely and generously excited to celebrate your victories (both big and small).


Up and Running is a 90-minute session facilitated by LAS instructor, Patrick McGowan Click here for Patrick's full bio, focused on refining your materials, professionalizing your portfolios, and designing systems and habits to maintain your progress. Here’s where you’ll get help troubleshooting short-term obstacles while benefiting from the imagination and mutual accountability of a supportive community.

Each of these sessions are included in your Career Circle membership. We highly recommend you attend both each month (understanding that your schedule might require you to miss one of them occasionally). Also, it is okay for you to come late or leave early as needed.

Because the Career Circle exists to nurture consistency – of action and of support – a six-month commitment is required each time you enroll. That said, if, during your first month, you decide the group is not for you, you have the option to discontinue your participation without any further obligation.

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