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Scene Study

Monday (Desean) - 5PM to 9PM  (Curriculum 3)
Tuesday (Aric & Desean) - 5PM to 9PM (Curriculum 2)
Wednesday (Desean & co)-5PM to 9PM (Curriculum 3)
(Invitation only)
Thursday (Behzad) -5PM to 9PM (Curriculum 3)
Friday (Meera & Desean) - 11AM to 3PM (Curriculum 2)
Saturday (Patrick)- 1PM-5PM 
(Curriculum 2)
Sunday (Aric & Desean) - 5PM - 9PM (Curriculum 2)

Monthly Price: $295 

 $275 if enrolled in auto payment.

A step-by-step process designed to release the actor’s instrument into the given circumstances.  Learn how to cultivate story through your unique perspective and voice .  Through script analysis and a system of improvisatory exercises, you will learn how to make personal choices that inform and illuminate the world the writer has created.

Scene Study

Scene Study

Thursday (Gabrielle)
12 PM to 3 PM 

An opportunity to take your work to the next level! Through a combination of classical technique and improvisational play catered specifically to each individual, this course will strengthen your ability, release your imagination and relax your instrument into the freedom to explore; allowing each actor to open up into a deeper sense of organic connection, surprise and play. 

Monthly Price: $295

 $275 if enrolled in auto payment.

Mixed Curriculum


Building from the concepts derived from Stanislavski's last studio, The Creative Lab is a deep dive into the creative process​ with a modern and practical application for today's ​working actor.

Thursday (Patrick)

11 AM to 2 PM

Price: $200

The Creative Lab is a required course for all Scene Study students. You can take it as a pre-requisite or simultaneously with Scene Study.

A four-week class​; a​reas of exploration include Active Analysis, the Creative State, the Five Questions, and Creative Tasks. Whether you're a seasoned artist, a relative newbie, or ​anywhere in between, The Creative Lab will help your work become more engaged, creative, personal, and alive.


Patrick McGowan

Josette Canilao

Gabrielle Salinger

In-Person or Zoom 
Monthly Price: $325 

One-on-one is A program designed to prepare ​ those new to the craft. The program provides students with the necessary basic skills and vocabulary to prepare them for ​our level 2 ​scene study classes. ​Students will get 4x 40 min individual monthly sessions with one of our qualified coaches; with both in-person and remote options, the program makes it easy to suit your lifestyle.



The Creative Lab

Tuesdays 2x/Month (Patrick)
5 PM to 8 PM


Non-Students: $125
Students: $75

A 2x-a-month class designed to help students level-up their self-tapes in the virtual age of casting. Students will be assigned audition material from currently-casting TV and film projects, tasked with submitting a self-tape before each class. During our sessions, we will review tapes, addressing what is effective or not—both in terms of performance and the technical aspects of recording—and rework the scenes. Additionally, we share & analyze tapes that booked jobs and look at what sets them apart.

Self-Tape Clinic

             Kristine Oller
             Patrick McGowan

Mondays 2x/ Month
10 AM-11:30 AM

Non-students: $45

Student: $35 
(minimum six month commitment)


Career Circle

The Career Circle is an ongoing online group designed to offer you the top-notch support and strategy necessary to build a career – and life – that feels successful, satisfying, and sustainable.

The LAS Career Circle is an online group that provides expert guidance and peer support to help build a successful career and life. Membership includes two monthly Zoom sessions -the first session is focused in refining your materials, getting an agent, securing more auditions etc. Session two is focused on releasing any emotional or mental blockages, changing your thought patterns, and preventing any unnecessary draining of your mental energy.

Career Circle

Audition Technique:
Self-Tape Clinic

The time to perfect the self-tape process isn't the day before that big audition is due! The self-tape clinic is one component of our strategy for empowering our students to be as brilliant in their self-taped auditions as they are in their in-class scene work.


LAS Schedule

What Students Say about The Creative Lab:

"Learning the basic tenets of Stanislavski's Active Analysis in Lab has completely changed the way I rehearse. It's become more about exploring, experimenting, and playing as opposed to getting it right. Process over outcome."
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