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The Creative Lab

with Patrick McGowan

*All Scene Study students must enroll in the Creative Lab course. It can be completed either as a prerequisite or while with taking your first month of your acting course.

Full 4-week course

  • Course value: $200

  • New session monthly

In search of tools to infuse your acting with more personal depth, authenticity, and a connection to your unique voice? Ever feel like your auditions lack the essence of you? 

Please note:  ***This course does not cover beginner-level actor jargon or introductory content.***


The Creative Lab equips you with tools to transcend conventional script analysis, connecting your insights to your unique impulses and imagination. This is why the Creative Lab serves as the cornerstone of our training program—a profound exploration of the creative process with a modern and practical application tailored for today’s working actor. It introduces innovative tools such as Active Analysis, The Creative State, and Creative Tasks, approached from both a science-based and artistic perspective. Whether you’re a seasoned artist, a relative newcomer, or somewhere in between, The Creative Lab will help you cultivate work that is more engaged, creative, personal, and alive.

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