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  • Script analysis is only one aspect of an actor's craft.  Though quite necessary, it is a purely academic approach based on your intellectual analysis. Intellect alone will fail to provide you the personal and imaginative fuel essential for truly outstanding work. 

  • Our classes equip you with practical tools to help leap beyond mere script analysis or your intellectual understanding of the story to find something that is deeply compelling for you, and, in turn, captivates the viewer.

  • Starting with The Creative Lab, each of our classes introduce you to modalities of analysis that go beyond traditional academic script analysis and introduce you to new tools that will help you synthesize the world the writer has created with greater imagination and personal connection.



The Creative Lab

All new students must enroll in the Creative Lab before or during their initial month of scene study. Transitioning from script analysis to connecting with your unique impulse and imagination is a key focus. The Creative Lab serves as the gateway, introducing actors to a toolkit of innovative ideas such as Active Analysis, The Creative State, and Creative Tasks. The information in the LAB is a synthesis of our instructors' extensive training at renowned institutions like The Juilliard School, coupled with decades of professional experience and insights from our founder's MFA in acting pedagogy. Whether you're a seasoned artist, a newcomer, or somewhere in between, The Creative Lab is your first step towards cultivating performances that are more engaged, creative, and personal.

Creative Lab

Scene Study

scene study.jpeg

After, or while taking The Creative Lab, Scene Study is where the work gets physical and truly imaginative. Our step-by-step process is crafted to unleash the actor's complete instrument—imagination, body, and personal viewpoint—within the given circumstances. Gain insights on cultivating narrative from your distinct perspective and voice. Utilizing script analysis and a series of improvisational exercises, you'll acquire the skills to make personal choices that not only inform but also illuminate the world crafted by the writer.

Scene Study
Film/TV Classes

Film/TV Classes


Interested in uncovering your authentic voice while tackling the practical challenges of film/TV auditions? Our Film/TV audition technique builds on scene study concepts, releasing the actor's full instrument—imagination, body, and personal viewpoint—while addressing individual challenges on camera. These classes involve weekly filming of your work, providing a valuable stepping stone for making personal and imaginative choices in front of the camera. Similar to scene study, students can enroll in Film/TV classes either after completing the Creative Lab or concurrently while taking it.

Online Classes


If you aren't  able to join us in person.  Click below to find out about our online classes. The industry is now online.  Most of your auditions, and work in front of casting directors will be online.  Consistently with our other classes, this suite of classes priortize personal and imaginative work, while dealing with the real world challenges facing the working actor. From creating in depth and powerful work just as rich as an in person scene study, to getting artistic and technical help with those self tapes.  The online classes are your stepping stone to building your voice while learning to deliver work that is technically proficient.

Online Classes

Private Coaching/Self-Tape Studio


Whether you're gearing up for an audition, getting ready for grad school, or simply seeking private study, our team of expert instructors and coaches is here to assist you. Choose between in-person or Zoom coaching sessions, or utilize our state-of-the-art Self-Studio to tape your auditions. Our instructors bring their unique strengths to tailor their guidance to your needs, providing a personalized and effective learning experience.

Private Coaching/ Self-Tape Studio
Career/ Business

Career/Business Help and Guidance


Looking for an agent or manager, or seeking valuable insights for your career? LAS is dedicated to comprehensive growth for our students. Elevating your knowledge, staying current with industry standards, and strategizing for your next goal are integral to your journey. It can be overwhelming and isolating, but it doesn't have to be. We are here to help. Whether aiming for a series regular role or more auditions, our curated monthly industry events and the dynamic business class, Career Circle—guided by expert strategist Kristine Oller—provide accountability and support to help you level up. It's an unbeatable value! **Additionally, our monthly agent/manager night is a complimentary benefit for all students in our monthly classes—it's our gift to you! Witnessing your success brings us joy!

*Students must first be approved by your instructor in order to participate in the agent nights.

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