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Information is power! A step-by-step analysis of current industry practices to get you informed and empowered.  Actor, Acting coach, and Director of Acting for Lena Waithe’s Hillman Grad Lab, Behzad Dabu, shares important concepts about the business that every working actor should know to either hit the ground running or level up in their acting careers.

  • Studios Vs. Networks Vs. Production Companies 

  • Agents / Managers 

  • The "TEST" process 

  • Pilot Season breakdown

  • minimum rates from co-star to guest star to Series reg 

  • Network vs Cable Vs Streaming

  • Understanding SAG Politics 

  • From pitching to Casting 

  • Overall Deals vs first looks 

  • what do these all these terms mean? 

  • What is Packaging?

  • SAG-AFTRA/ WGA Strike

  • how to use IMDBpro to our benefit... and more! 

Instructors: BEHZAD DABU

Date: Sunday, August 13th

Time: 1 pm- 5 pm

Cost: Current Students $50, Non-students: $65   

*No refunds after August 6th.

*Student rate applies to anyone registered in one of our weekly scene study courses.

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