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**Unfotunately your requested class is currently full.  We are actively working on getting more people in.  Here are your options:

1.  You can go ahead and put your self on the waitlist for our In Person Film/TV audition or any of our scene study classes by clicking this link. Deposits are $100, and you can request to be on the waitlist for as many classes as you would like with this one time charge. When you are accepted into a class, your deposit is credited to your first month of tuition. The wait time in most cases will be 1 month but can be longer depending on the class or classes that you are interested in. **When letting people into classes, we prioritize those on the waitlist.**

2.  Option 2 would be to join an available scene study and be placed on the waitlist. As a current student you will get priority on any openings for the Film/TV class. 

3.  You can start your studies with LAS immediately by taking The Creative Lab. For all of our weekly classes in Film/TV or Scene Study The Creative Lab is required.  You must complete The Creative Lab during your first month of study, or before you start your acting class.  If you'd like to begin your study at LAS immediately, jumping into the creative lab is a great option. Click here to learn more info about The Creative Lab.


Self Tape Clinic

  • Tuesdays 5 PM - 8 PM | Patrick

  • Price:   $150*

  • Meets twice a month via Zoom

          (2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month)

*If you are enrolled in a Scene Study or audition

Technique class there's a $50 discount on the course.

A 2x-a-month class designed to help students level-up their self-tapes in the virtual age of casting. Students will be assigned audition material from currently-casting TV and film projects, tasked with submitting a self-tape before each class. During our sessions, we will review tapes, addressing what is effective or not—both in terms of performance and the technical aspects of recording—and rework the scenes. Additionally, we share & analyze tapes that booked jobs and look at what sets them apart.

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