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Film/TV Classes

**All of our weekly students, whether enrolled in Scene Study or Film/TV Audition Technique, are required to participate in The Creative Lab course. You can either complete it as a prerequisite before starting your acting course or concurrently with your first month of classes.

Our Film/TV classes immerse you in a physical practice curated to help you hone your individual point-of-view in all your auditions and on-set performances. The personal and imaginative analysis tools learned in the Creative Lab will help to stimulate your imagination, and develop your authentic voice in your overall work. We don’t adhere to reductive formulas that have been widely adopted by many studios. Instead, we foster personal and imaginative analysis tools enabling you to breathe life into characters in a way that’s distinctly yours. Our aim is not for your work to just blend in; it should stand out!

Film/TV Audition Technique

  • Tuesday , 1 PM - 4 PM|Desean & Behzad

  • Price:   $295

  • Meets once a week


Using the same principles as our scene study, this course offers actors a step-by-step process designed to unleash their instrument within given circumstances. Specifically tailored to the world of film and television, it aims to transform the audition process.  Led by studio founder Desean K. Terry, a graduate of The Juilliard School, and a series regular on the Emmy-nominated series The Morning Show, along with Behzad Dabu, acting coach for The Chi and Director of Lena Waithe’s Acting program at Hillman Grad, the course guides you to deepen your work and sets you apart during the casting process. It encourages actors to make personal choices that reveal their unique voice within the context crafted by the writer.

Online/Camera Scene Study

  • Thursday 11am - 2 PM | Gabrielle

  • Price:   $295

  • Meets once a week


Scene Study Online views the work through the intimacy of the camera. Learn how to cultivate your work through your unique perspective and voice. Through script analysis, personal and imaginative analysis, and a suite of improvisatory exercises, you will learn how to make personal choices while allowing the relaxation and freedom that the camera demands.

Self Tape Clinic

  • Tuesdays 5 PM - 8 PM | Patrick

  • Price:   $150*

  • Meets twice a month via Zoom

          (2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month)

*If you are enrolled in a Scene Study or audition

Technique class there's a $50 discount on the course.

A 2x-a-month class designed to help students level-up their self-tapes in the virtual age of casting. Students will be assigned audition material from currently-casting TV and film projects, tasked with submitting a self-tape before each class. During our sessions, we will review tapes, addressing what is effective or not—both in terms of performance and the technical aspects of recording—and rework the scenes. Additionally, we share & analyze tapes that booked jobs and look at what sets them apart.

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