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Scene Study

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  • 4-week monthly cycle: $295

  • Ongoing

**Please respect our guidance in placing you.  It is only done to ensure the overall integrity of our program and to give you the most valuable service that we can.

After or while taking The Creative Lab, scene study is where the work gets physical and truly imaginative. Engage in a step-by-step process crafted to unleash the actor's complete instrument—imagination, body, and personal viewpoint—within the given circumstances. Gain insights on cultivating narrative from your distinct perspective and voice. Utilizing script analysis, tools learned in The Creative Lab, and a series of improvisational tools, you'll acquire the skills to make personal choices that not only inform but also illuminate the world crafted by the writer.


Sunday Scene Study, 5 - 9 PM | Desean and Aric

Monday Scene Study, 5 - 9 PM | Desean ** 

Tuesday Scene Study, 5 - 9 PM | Desean

Wednesday Scene Study, 5 - 9 PM | Desean **

Thursday Scene Study *(ONLINE) 12- 3 PM| Gabrielle

Thursday Scene Study, 5 - 9 PM | Behzad

Friday Scene Study, 11AM - 3 PM | Desean and Meera

Saturday Scene Study, 1- 5 PM | Patrick 

*Learn more about our faculty by clicking here.

**These classes are a part of our level III curriculum. They require in depth understanding of the technique taught at the studio, and typically have an active waiting list. Students must be invited to the classes. 


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